logo lindje one-of-a-kind handmade interior objects
fibers_zwart_01fibers_roze_01maan_04handmade walldecoration detail with pink and white pompoms, loops and yarnsetnic inspired knotted handmade wallhanging with twisted wool and tassels in faded colorscloseup of knotted handcrafted tapestrydetail of light brown knotted yarnfibers_groot_01handmade large macramé totebag with tasslesfibers_grijs_weef_02IMG_0756maan_03handmade twisted knotted otton macramé yarnfibers_groot_02fibers_grijs_weef_01maan_frontaalfemale fiber artist showing large light brown macrame wallhanging on driftwood stickIMG_0715fibers_zwart_close_01IMG_0814cute pink fiber art decoration on pink wall for baby's room with pink bunny night lightcustomizable white cushion with yellow punch needle name
logo lindje one-of-a-kind handmade interior objects

Rollekens 8
2322 Minderhout

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